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Here you can find digital material(images, videos etc.) about the Erasmus+.

Sector skills alliances - developing skills for European professions
Marius Brinkmann benefited from Erasmus+ to develop more international skills as a part of his vocational education and training.


Youth participation in policymaking through Structured Dialogue
Structured Dialogue is a way for European Union to get new ideas from young people on issues that are important to them. Tens of thousands of young people take part in Structured Dialogue consultations every 18 months. The outcomes of these are discussed between youth representatives and policymakers at the EU youth conferences. Ines from Belgium tells about how she met a policymaker at the EU Youth Conference in Riga.


Adult education - Learning to teach and empower
Patrik Krebs, a Slovakian stage director, used Erasmus+ adult learning opportunities to teach and empower underprivileged members of his community. 'The ability to travel outside my home country, to meet and work with others, was for me and our theatre a powerful driving force over the past years.'


How vocational education and training boosts employability
Aitor Cuervo is one of 650,000 vocational students and trainees who will receive grants to study, train or work abroad through Erasmus+. 'My experiences here have made me stronger, able to be more independent, more flexible, to work harder than before'.


What is ECTS?
The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) is a tool for making studies and courses more transparent and thus helping to enhance the quality of higher education


ECTS for Course Design
Find out more about ECTS for course design.



Erasmus+ is the new EU programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport for 2014-2020, starting in January 2014.


Youth Solutions
Generation Y - Season 4 Episode 3


The village
Are you a teacher, youth worker or lecturer? Check out our new cartoon for a quick glimpse into how Erasmus+ can work for you!


Forever Erasmus
Generation Y - Season 4 Episode 5

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